REALM Network





Powerful Spenders

Unlike the major, national real estate listing sites, the REALM Network delivers TWO strong, related consumer segments:

MOVERS: attracted to locally relevant listings, content and community information

HOME ENTHUSIASTS: attracted to industry-recognized home valuations, as well as award-winning, home-related editorial content

The spending power of these 2 segments is over $10 billion annually on home-related and moving-related products/services (excludes home transactions)


In-Market Movers

Consider the fact that comScore reports around 45 million monthly unique users online looking at real estate related content.  Also, consider that there are generally only about 500,000 home purchase transactions each month.  If a consumer is searching on a local real estate site, then they are either working with that agent already, or are serious about one of the listings on that site.  In other words, they are ready to transact on the home purchase now. Because of this, they are going to respond more favorably to ads for moving supplies, and home improvement goods/services - because they are now at the point where they need them!  Target your campaign to these serious home buyers and your advertising campaign will see better back-end results.


The audience on the REALM Network is much richer than that of the national portals and real estate channels that you may already be familiar with, and the reason is simple:  our sites' visitors are SERIOUS home seekers and buyers.  They are already working with a real estate agent for their home buying process and are much farther along the home ownership continuum than that of the "Looky Lou's" you'll find on a national listing portal.

For more information on national advertising opportunities, feel free to contact us, and we'll illustrate the unique opportunity the REALM Network affords advertisers, that you can't get on any of the other major real estate media companies.