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The REALM Content Ticker is a consumer-friendly vehicle used to syndicate award-winning real estate news and articles throughout our Partners' home listing sites.  The relevant content topics helping home buyers and sellers range from how to pick the right real estate agent, to how to select the right mortgage, to a wide variety of home improvement topics to help real estate consumers.



Acting like many similar news tickers on television, the REALM Content Ticker is a static bar docked at the bottom of the browser screen, and automatically scrolls through articles and topics while the user navigates the site.  It's a quick and useful way for consumers to always be able to access the same great information no matter what area of the site they are in!

Content Ticker Sponsorship

Topic Sponsorship is available to Advertisers that would like to associate their brand with one of the many relevant home-related topics, in order to reach home buyers, seller, movers, or improvers.  





Upon clicking on any article link within the Ticker, users are taken to the full article page to read the content. Depending on the implementation, navigation will be via an overlay (image right) or directly ported to the article page within the site itself.

Advertisers will enjoy continuous Topic sponsorship with Logo and Medium Rectangle placements inside each article that lives under their sponsored topic. With such a prominent badge as well as a high impact ad unit, an Advertiser's brand will resonate loud and clear inside the chosen content.






To get a sense of how the REALM Ticker acts on a live site, view a live implementation below.  

-- the Ticker automatically scrolls through articles and topics, however you can manually select a topic by clicking directly on it
-- to manually scroll through Articles, use the up and down arrows


For more information on the Real Estate & Living Media Content Ticker Sponsorship, CONTACT US for more information!