REALM Network

Introduction to Advertisers

Introduction: Advertisers


The Real Estate and Living Media Network is the single largest media network of independent real estate websites online

Leveraging hundreds of direct relationships with this vast network of real estate agents, brokers, and companies, Cerulean Media can offer targeted display, integrated, and sponsorship advertising solutions for advertisers of any size across over 1900 real estate Web sites, reaching 8.1 million unique users each month.


The REALM Network, in a nutshell...

...was built because we went knocking on the doors of hundreds of real estate agents and brokers in communities all across the country, and asked them if we can put advertising on their Web sites.  These "publishers" were not actually in the internet business at all, but rather they had a Web site only to aid them in their core business of selling real estate.  We introduced them to the online media industry and convinced them that we'd be able to provide them with advertising revenue from the largest brand names in the country - all of whom find great value in their home buying and selling clients.  Since studies have shown that advertising actually enhances the user experience on Web sites, and they'd get a check every month from big national advertisers, joining the REALM Network was an easy decision for these real estate professionals.  Thus, the Real Estate and Living Media Network was born.

After just 18 short months, the network had grown to include the biggest and most recognizable real estate companies in the US.  Click here to see just a few network members and the ad implementations on their sites.


A Previously Inaccessible Online Segment

While the top major real estate portals each record a high amount of Unique Users, it only represents just a portion of the 56 million monthly online real estate unique users. According to Nielson Online, just 23% of the online real estate audience is using the top ten real estate websites in their search.  This means that the same 10-11 million unique users are on the top major listing portals like, Yahoo, MSN, Zillow, Trulia, etc, etc.  As advertisers and agencies build out their media plans, they are running multiple campaigns on top of one another by hitting the same UUs, on the different sites.  Well, that works for repeated exposure, but why not tap into the audience of home buyers who are further along in the home buying process than the Looky Lou's on the major portals.





Advertising on the Real Estate and Living Media Network gets your ads on websites that typically never had advertising before we came along. Tap into the audience that you've never been able to reach before.  Advertising in these real estate pockets across the country gives you local depth and targeting, with scaled, national reach!


For more information on national advertising opportunities, feel free to contact us, and we'll illustrate the unique opportunity the REALM Network affords advertisers, that you can't get on any of the other major real estate media companies.